AARP Member Profile

AARP Members Are Affluent, Influential Decision Makers

  • Every 7 seconds, someone somewhere turns 50
  • There are nearly 90 million adults who are 50+ in America today
  • Among 50+ members, 81% go to the movies at least once a month
  • 51% of AARP members have at least one household pet
  • 60% of members collect coupons from newspapers
  • 93% of AARP members own at least one vehicle; 6 in 10 owners have 2 or more vehicles; 66% have bought a new car within the past 12 months
  • 95% of 50+ members prefer to shop in department stores, and 61% will stick to a brand they like
  • 94% of AARP members use email on a monthly basis
  • 85% have broadband Internet access at home
  • 76% of AARP members own at least one cell phone and receive texts, pictures and instant messages
  • In the past 12 months, 60% of AARP members enjoy traveling and don't have a preferred hotel to stay during their vacation
  • 54.5% are college educated. The average net worth is $614,424
  • 44% are retired, and 18% have an income greater than $100,000
  • 92% have researched nursing facilities for themselves or family members in the last 12 months
  • 94% eat out at preferred restaurants at least once a month
  • 96% of 50+ members consume user-generated content by viewing photos, reading blogs and watching YouTube video.

Source: AARP

You can’t say enough about the opportunity that exists to be part of this - especially the opportunity for interaction with the senior level leadership from their CEO, CIO, through the ranks at AARP. We’re also discussing partnerships with some of the other exhibitors here, so you can maximize your investment that way.

Hilary Hahn, Director of Strategic Partnerships
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