New Event ... New Name!

The AARP Ideas@50+ San Diego National Member Event, September 4-6, 2014, signals the beginning of an evolution to a more content-driven, interactive experience of exploring, thinking, and engaging with key influencers about the key ideas and issues that matter to the 50+ population.

Ideas@50+ will draw an audience that is interested and invested in discovering life's real possibilities. We are going to cultivate an audience that is eager for thought-provoking engagements. The result will be a more engaged audience overall.

Attendees at Ideas@50+ will continue to experience a well-diversified exhibit floor and exciting, marquee entertainment, however, they will begin to see an emphasis on the delivery of information that is most relevant to them, in smaller sessions, with more opportunities for up-close experiences than have been available in the past.

Sponsors and exhibitors will continue to benefit from the awareness and brand halo that comes from sharing space at an AARP event, but they will also find a higher quality, more engaged audience for their products and services at Ideas@50+.

This event begins to establish AARP as a convener of societal influencers and thought leaders that promotes intellectual and emotional engagement with trends and ideas that are shaping life at 50 plus and the longevity economy.

Increased, More Targeted Exposure for AARP Partners and Providers

AARP Partners and Providers will move their exhibit experience to their respective areas of the trade show floor, co-locating with organizations and companies in similar business verticals which will make the hall experience more logical for our event attendees in navigating the floor.

How is Ideas@50+ Different From Life@50+?

Life@50+ events, like the one to be held in Miami in Spring of 2015, will continue to serve as a showcase for AARP programs, content, and Providers. The experiences created at Life@50+ were designed to showcase all that AARP has to offer. Life@50+ celebrates the diversity of AARP's members, their interests and their appetite for purely social engagement.

Ideas@50+ takes the national event concept and refines the experience. The event will look similar to Life@50+ in that we will have program sessions and exhibitors on a show floor. The key difference will be that over time Ideas@50+ will be known more for its content and the accessibility of the speakers to the audience on the issues that matter most to them.

The Ideas@50+ program will take a deeper look at the important issues for today's 50+ and will focus more on WHY. We'll guide the speakers to dive deeper into topics through lecture-style presentations, then following up with smaller scale Salon sessions that allow the audience to carry the conversation forward with the feature speaker.

We’re proud, this is our 4th year in a row that we’re a Silver sponsor. We sponsor the tech stage. This year we’re actually sponsoring the TEK workshop, so that’s almost 400 Dell tablets in the hands of AARP members. They’re training on them, learning on them, and learning how to use technology.

Mike Ceparano, Account Executive