lifeat50-1Each year Life@50+ (AARP’s National Event & Expo) hosts thousands of members and guests from across the country, providing them with the unique opportunity to discover, reimagine, and define their lives. Life@50+ offers the best opportunity to engage directly with baby boomers and beyond.

For organizations targeting the affluent, well-educated 50+ consumer demographic, AARP is the right choice for your organization:

  • People age 50+ control 67% of the wealth in the US ($28T), spend over $3.5T annually and buy 47% of all consumer goods.
  • The 50+ consumer portion of the US population is growing 3x times faster than age 18-49 and will be the dominant consumer segment for the next 40 years.
  • AARP’s membership of 37 million members represents over 35% of the 50+ population in the United States. 
  • AARP produces the largest circulating magazine in the world, and is the leading advocacy organization for people age 50+.
  • AARP has offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

lifeat50-2Life@50+ provides an unparalleled opportunity to capitalize on AARP's reach and trusted reputation among 50+ Americans.  At Life@50+, you have the opportunity to engage attendees, business leaders and organizations all focused on the 50+ demographic.   Over 15,000 people, representing AARP’s most active and loyal members, are expected to attend this event in May 2015.  Life@50+ is a unique opportunity to: 

  • Sell directly to AARP members
  • Gather research on this important consumer demographic
  • Associate your brand with the trusted brand of AARP
  • Build relationships with critical AARP decision makers such the AARP executive team and board of directors as well as AARP sponsors and partners. 

Leading brands participating include United Healthcare, Chase, (Another financial company),Toyota, Norwegian Cruise Line, Intel, Hyatt, Hilton, Avis Budget Group, P&G, Dell, Pfizer, AT&T, and Novartis.   A wide range of organizations representing nationally known health and fitness products, travel and financial services, technology companies, and non-profit and government entities will participate in Miami in May 2015. Local and regional companies will also be represented among the 200+ companies sponsoring, exhibiting and advertising at this exciting event.

lifeat50-3Life@50+ has provided fun experiences for attendees such as hands-on technology workshops, interesting presentations, community volunteer activities, new car test drives, entertainment, and fitness activities such as Zumba and bike riding.

Attendees spend significant time on the exhibit floor, providing an excellent opportunity for your organization to have high quality engagement with this important consumer demographic by interacting, listening, learning, capturing leads and generating sales from AARP members.   Unlike many B2B conferences, this consumer event provides a lengthy, high quality engagement opportunity for your organization to meet and influence this incredible consumer demographic.

With one-third of the attendees expected to travel under 100 miles to attend the event, this event will draw strong participation from South Florida and across the nation.

How Can Your Organization Participate at Life@50+

Sponsoring, exhibiting, and advertising are effective ways to highlight your company and your brand. This is a one of kind opportunity of to interact with highly engaged audience.   Plan today to participate in our May 2015 event. 

Member Demographics

411,000 AARP members live in Miami DMA

Attendee Demographics

Average net worth: $676,736
Average household Income: $77,188
Average Age: 65 Gender: 58% Female / 42% Male
Employment status: 75% full or part-time
Education: 58% Completed College or Graduate School

To have the opportunity to have a booth and display what you do across a group of 10,000 members that come through over the course of the next three days... and to be able to talk to them directly, understand their needs, and have some dialog with them about what they are looking for is really sort of an invaluable opportunity.

John Reid, Assistant Vice President of Relationship Management
The Hartford