Endless Possibilities To Build Your Business

The next two AARP National Events to be held in San Diego (September 4-6, 2014) and Miami (May 14-16, 2015) represent a rare opportunity for you to increase your company's visibility among baby boomers and beyond. It's your chance to engage directly – one on one – with one of the fastest growing market segments. Even better, it's a chance to interact with an affluent audience who has the means to purchase your products and services and the power to influence others to purchase, too.

The trusted connection we have with this audience has overwhelmingly proven its value to companies like yours.

Put the power of AARP to work for you. Join us at an AARP National Event.

Upcoming AARP National Events Schedule

National Event City  Dates
 Ideas@50+  San Diego  September 4-6, 2014
 Life@50+  Miami  May 14-16, 2015


We have a seventeen year relationship with AARP, which has just been a tremendous journey. This is the largest organization focused on a senior audience, by far. And their connection goes so much beyond what people traditionally have thought of as the AARP membership. And it really is a more engaged member than we have ever seen before from AARP.

Terry Clark, Chief Marketing Officer
United Health Group Alliances