Ideas@50+ Sponsor Fact Sheet

Anticipated Attendance: 8,000 – 10,000

Ideas@50+ Event Venue: San Diego Convention Center
San Diego offers:

  • A significant population base from which to draw attendees.
  • Anchor of a well-developed tech and innovation corridor from which to draw experts and build attendance.
  • A fully developed convention infrastructure, a wide selection of hotels, excellent transportation connections, attractive tourism activities and a diverse multicultural population base.
  • Proximity to Orange County and Los Angeles populations and their numerous airports provide access for local, regional and national attendees.

Ideas@50+ Attendee Profile:

  • Attendees at Ideas@50+ will be a more engaged audience. Members who want to not only learn but also who want to shape the dialogue of what is important to people age 50+.
  • The event will foster an appetite from members to engage AARP, our partners, providers and related content on an intellectual level and this event will serve as a marked step forward.
  • Over time, the audience will have greater awareness, and expectation, for both the topics selected and their ability for customized participation.

Ideas@50+ Event Structure:

  • The three-day program will be divided into four distinct tracks supported and staffed by key AARP providers, sponsors and internal initiatives.
    Health & Wellness   Money & Work   Technology & Innovation   Travel & Lifestyle
  • The program will be organized around specific subjects that have high interest to our audience. Each track will offer four specific sessions:
    • 4 tracks x 4 sessions each = 16 exceptional learning experiences
  • Top-tier sponsors for each track will have the opportunity to bring in a high-profile celebrity presenter to reinforce their relationship, as well as have a hand in helping AARP shape the other three sessions of content in their channel.
  • The top tier celebrity presentations and the other three sessions in the program track will be presented on stage in a 500+ seat theater placed in the themed area of the exhibition.
  • Trade show will reinforce the program channels and be driven, in part, by the presenting sponsors of each channel.

NEW – Ideas@50+ Salons

  • A premium (additional cost) engagement for 100 people at a time to continue the program session as it moves from a 45-minute lecture and evolves into a 30-minute conversation.
  • This is an opportunity for people to further engage speakers and mine for additional insights.
  • Salons will be held in separate rooms from the program sessions and will be set in a way that better facilitates two-way conversation.
  • The experience will be more audience-driven than speaker-driven, taking a deeper dive into the personal issues that attendees face.
  • The invitation to join for these smaller group discussions will emphasize the individual's ability to come away with access to information and experiences that will be beneficial for them personally, as well as provide an opportunity to learn and network with others in similar circumstances, in a comfortable, more inviting environment.


We have a seventeen year relationship with AARP, which has just been a tremendous journey. This is the largest organization focused on a senior audience, by far. And their connection goes so much beyond what people traditionally have thought of as the AARP membership. And it really is a more engaged member than we have ever seen before from AARP.

Terry Clark, Chief Marketing Officer
United Health Group Alliances