San Diego Key Exhibitor Dates


Event Pin Art Due July 1, 2014
Life@50+ Presentation Stage Reservation Deadline July 4, 2014
Event Bag Sponsorship Art Due July 11, 2014
Badge Mailing Content Due July 11, 2014
Sponsor Confirmation of Advertorial Size in Event Guide Reservation July 17, 2014
Event Signage Deadline July 18, 2014
Exhibitor Housing deadline July 21, 2014
Badge Mailing July 21, 2014
Meeting Room Needs July 21, 2014
Bag Insert Reservation July 29, 2014
Sponsor Advertorial for Event Guide Submission July 30, 2014
All Editorial and Logos Due for the Event Guide July 30, 2014
Sponsor Enhanced Exhibitor Listing Reservation July 31, 2014
Bag Insert Copy Due for Approval August 4, 2014
Event Guide Ad Sales Deadline August 4, 2014
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form to Show Management August 5, 2014
First Day of Advance Shipping to Freeman August 5, 2014
Sponsor Enhanced Exhibitor Listing submission August 7, 2014
Exhibitor List due for Event Guide August 8, 2014
Event Guide Ad Submission August 11, 2014
Bag Insert Final Materials Due August 11, 2014
Freeman Early Bird Discount Deadline August 12, 2014
AARP Department Shipments Due at RRD August 15, 2014
Logo Usage Form August 22, 2014
Sweepstakes Form August 22, 2014
Digital Screen Copy Due August 22, 2014
Exhibitor Registration Deadline August 25, 2014
Last Day for Advance Shipping to Freeman Warehouse August 25, 2014
AARP Shipments Arrive at BCEC August 29, 2014
First Day of Exhibitor Move-In Spetember 2, 2014
First Day Freeman Will Accept Shipment to Convention Center Spetember 2, 2014
Final Day of Exhibitor Move-In Spetember 3, 2014
First Day of Exhibitor Move-Out September 6, 2014
Final Day of Exhibitor Move-Out September 7, 2014

To have the opportunity to have a booth and display what you do across a group of 10,000 members that come through over the course of the next three days... and to be able to talk to them directly, understand their needs, and have some dialog with them about what they are looking for is really sort of an invaluable opportunity.

John Reid, Assistant Vice President of Relationship Management
The Hartford