Sponsor Testimonials

Why Sponsor or Exhibit

Sponsors and exhibitors alike continue to acknowledge the brand and relationship-building opportunities available at AARP’s National Events

Health & Wellness

We have a seventeen year relationship with AARP, which has just been a tremendous journey. This is the largest organization focused on a senior audience, by far. And their connection goes so much beyond what people traditionally have thought of as the AARP membership. And it really is a more engaged member than we have ever seen before from AARP.

Terry Clark, Chief Marketing Officer
United Health Group Alliances

If a non-profit has a clearly aligned objective with AARP you got to be here. You have no choice but to be here because this is where the constituents that we represent are here.

Stephen Gregg,Executive Director
National Association for Continence

It’s very important for to have this relationship and cultivate this relationship with AARP, not only because they teach us a lot on how to reach our senior audience, but our relationship with AARP gives us credibility that we’re on the side of the older adults, and we’re in it to do what’s best for them.

Brandon Moser, Senior Leader for Marketing
Healthways/Silver Sneakers

Lifestyle & Travel

The AARP National Event is so important to us because we have an exclusive partnership with AARP and being here on the floor with all the members and engaging and telling them about the great benefits we provide them is really powerful.

We are working together on many levels with AARP, with our senior leadership team, through the foundation and also through Life Reimagined, other initiatives throughout all channels of AARP and it’s really been a great partnership.

Robert Kraph, National Association Sales Manager
Avis Budget Group

We have identified what we believe is our core demographic in the fifty plus and AARP has done an amazing job of holding, being kind of the gatekeeper and addressing that market in a really thoughtful way. 

Geetanjali Dhillon, VP of Marketing and Digital
Sony’s US Networks

Technology & Innovation

We’re proud, this is our 4th year in a row that we’re a Silver sponsor. We sponsor the tech stage. This year we’re actually sponsoring the TEK workshop, so that’s almost 400 Dell tablets in the hands of AARP members. They’re training on them, learning on them, and learning how to use technology.

Mike Ceparano, Account Executive

You can’t say enough about the opportunity that exists to be part of this - especially the opportunity for interaction with the senior level leadership from their CEO, CIO, through the ranks at AARP. We’re also discussing partnerships with some of the other exhibitors here, so you can maximize your investment that way.

Hilary Hahn, Director of Strategic Partnerships
Frontier Secure

AARP’s been a great partner of ours, and certainly the demographic itself that they represent is very strategic for AT&T.

I think it’s been a great opportunity for us as a company and as a partner of AARP to participate, and as I said, it’s been great exposure for us, and I think just listening to what the members have to say, it gives us a touch point for what’s going on and what’s happening and what people are focused on.

Christine McNicholas, Mobility Account Representative

The wireless market is huge and there are a lot of people who don’t know who we are, and the AARP brand helps to give us that much more credibility with consumers.

It’s very little about the actual number of sales; certainly we welcome that and welcome any new customer into Consumer Cellular, but honestly, this is a nice brand-building and awareness for us and like I said, it’s a great opportunity to talk one-on-one with new and current customers.

Brian Hepner, Director of Marketing
Consumer Cellular

Money & Work

To have the opportunity to have a booth and display what you do across a group of members is probably going to be 10,000 members or so that come though over the course of the next three days, so to be able to talk to them directly, understand their needs and have some dialog with them about what they are looking for is really sort of an invaluable opportunity.

John Reid, Assistant Vice President of Relationship Management
The Hartford

They are the group that are setting the trends for America. They are a very important group. They’ve got the assets and an inclination to help, not only their children but their grandchildren and future generations.

AARP has a tremendous brand and our association in working with AARP gives us an immediate in as we are talking to people over the age of fifty, whether they are members or not. It’s like having the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Joe Stabnick, Senior Director of Marketing